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Happy Birthday, Little Pookie

Happy Birthday, Little Pookie

Sandra Boynton
Board Book
For infants to age 3
Random House, 2010   ISBN: 978-0375865398

When it is your birthday and if you are a small and very eager pig child called Pookie, you are inclined to get up very early in the morning. In fact it is so early that it still dark outside and your parents tell you that you need to go back to bed for a while. Your mama tells you that “when the sun rises, we’ll have a whole day of birthday surprises.”

The thing of it is that you, Pookie, do not want to wait any longer, and at 5:32 your loving parents agree that it really is time to get up. Daddy makes pancakes, you all get dressed, and then you “go to buy a balloon.” A little nap follows (for everyone), and then more surprises are revealed.

Once again, Sandra Boynton has created a board book that will quickly become a family favorite. With an amusing rhyming text and deliciously funny illustrations, this is a book that will add that little something to a special birthday.

This is one in a series of books about the little pig called Pookie.