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Guess What? - Sweets and Treats

Guess What? - Sweets and Treats

Yusuke Yonezu
Novelty Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Minedition, 2015   ISBN: 978-9888240647

Most of us love sweets. We relish the sweet flavors of hard candies, the rich smoothness of chocolate, the creaminess of a strawberry cake, the cold deliciousness of an ice cream. In this wonderful book you will see these treats and more. There they will be, on the page, looking good enough to eat. But then…

When you look a little harder and open a flap you will discover that some of these sweet treats are not what they seem at all. For example on the first spread we see a picture of two hard candies wrapped in colorful wrappers. When we open a flap on the right hand page we discover that the candy on that page is not a candy at all. Instead we are presented with a picture of two tropical fish.

On the next spread a chocolate bar (with a bite taken out of it) turns out to be a smiling tortoise. On another page a seemingly normal strawberry cake becomes a crab!

Little children are going to thoroughly enjoy looking through this book. Once they see how the pages work they will probably try to guess what the hidden picture is.