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Guess What? - Flowers

Guess What? - Flowers

Yusuke Yonezu
Novelty Board Book
For ages
Minedition, 2015   ISBN: 978-9888240630

Many of us like surprises. There is something about seeing, experiencing or receiving a surprise that makes life feel somehow richer. Little children, in particular, love surprises, even little ones like seeing a frog in a pond, watching a plane take off, and getting to pet someone’s puppy or kitten.

   In this book there is a surprise on every spread. At first we think that every page is full of pictures of pretty flowers, but when we open a flap we discover that what we thought was a flower is actually something else.

   For example, there is a spread showing a branch that has three lovely cherry blossoms on it. When we open the flap on the second page we discover that what we thought was a piece of a petal is actually the mouth of a pink snake!

   Once children figure out how the pages work, they will probably want to try to guess what is hidden under the flaps in the rest of the book, and they will have lots of fun coming up with ideas.