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Groovy Tube Books: Horses

Groovy Tube Books: Horses

Susan Ring
Illustrator:  Ruth Palmer 
Novelty Book
For ages 6 to 8
Innovative Kids, 2006   ISBN: 978-1584764090

Horses have been living on our planet for about fifty-five million years. Long ago they were much smaller than they are today and it took many millions of years for them to evolve into the animals that we are familiar with today. Today there are a hundred and fifty different breeds of horses living in countries all over the world.

In this excellent Groovy Tube product children will learn these facts and much more as they read the book in the kit. They can also play with the plastic horses which are included and which can be stored in the Groovy Tube when not in use. In all there are fifteen toy horses and each one is a different breed. A “Who’s Who in the Tube” diagram in the front of the book will help children identify the figurines. They will also learn about some of the breeds as they read the book.

In addition to the well written and carefully illustrated main text, the book also includes trivia questions which the reader can take a look at once he or she has finished reading the book.

Finally there is a board game included in which the players have to try to round up seven horses as quickly as possible. A spinner and playing pieces are included.