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Green Dragon Codex

Green Dragon Codex

Clint Johnson
Fiction  Series
For ages 8 to 12
Mirrorstone Books, 2009   ISBN: 0786951451

Ten-year-old Scamp weaver is always getting into trouble. After having a run in with a bully in his village, Scamp takes sanctuary in the forest. While he is hiding there, an enormous green dragon crashes into the forest and dies right next to Scamps hiding place. The dragon drops a wooden chest that it was carrying, which Scamp finds.

Scamp and his friend Dannika take the chest to Peda, a local hermit whom Dannika greatly admires and trusts. Peda is able to open the chest, and he immediately knows that the contents of the chest – a strange stone globe and a stone tablet with writing on it - are dangerous. It turns out that Peda was right, for that very night Peda is attacked and killed by a Black Robe – an evil wizard – who travels with a brass dragon and some dragonslayers. Though they search Peda’s house, these visitors cannot find the chest and they leave empty-handed.

Peda’s spirit then directs Scamp and Dannika to leave the village and to take the chest with them. They need to take the chests contents to the “home of newborn magic that floats upon the sea.” There they will find out what the globe and tablet mean.

While Scamp, Dannika and Scamps brother Mather are traveling to the coast, the globe breaks open and a baby green dragon emerges. Everyone knows that green dragons are evil, but Scamp cannot help falling in love with the little animal. Is it possible that this green dragon is not evil? Can Scamp save it?

In this companion to the Practical Guide to Dragons, R.D. Henman, the Scribe to the Great Library of Palanthas, gives readers a story that was sent to him. Fantasy and dragon fans will soon be captivated with the story, which not only gives an account of Scamp’s adventures, but which also explores the history of a land where elves, ogres, humans, and dragons live, battle, and struggle to survive.