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Goodnight Baby Bear

Goodnight Baby Bear

Michael Shoulders
Illustrator:  Teri Weidner 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Sleeping Bear Press, 2010   ISBN: 1585364711

Baby Bear is very lucky because he has a mother, a father, a big brother, an aunt, an uncle, and a grandmother who all love him very much. They all spend time with Baby Bear, and each of them gives Baby Bear a book so that he can remember his special times with them.

For example, after taking Baby Bear to the aquarium, Aunt Grace gives Baby Bear a book about ocean creatures. After they spend a day at the beach, Baby Bear’s big brother gives him a book that features dolphins and evil sea serpents. The inscription that Brother Bear writes in the front of the book tells Baby Bear that his “Bubba” will “always be your bestest friend.”

Baby Bear’s family members not only spend time with him and give him books, but they also reads to him at night.

This simple yet meaningful picture book explores the ways in which books help to bring family members together. Through their gifts of books, Baby Bear’s nearest and dearest give him the gift of the written word and the gift of good memories.