Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Goodnight, Stinky Face

Goodnight, Stinky Face

Lisa McCourt
Illustrator:  Cyd Moore 
Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Scholastic, 2016   ISBN: 978-0545905923

It is time for bed and Stinky Face asks his mama if he can sleep with her so that he doesn’t have to listen to “that scary plop-plop sound.” Mama tells him that the scary sound is just the bathroom faucet dripping. He should listen to the “cozy nighttime song of the crickets and the wind through the trees instead.”

Of course, Stinky Face being Stinky Face, he then comes up with a great big “what if” scenario, a concoction of his imagination that will surely flummox his mother so that she will let him sleep with her. The thing is that Stinky Face’s mama is a very smart lady. So when her son asks what if the drips end up turning into a waterfall that fills his room with “crashing waves,” she comes up with a great reply.

If such a thing were to happen it would be wonderful because Stinky Face missed his bath and he and Mama would have a grand bath time in his bedroom.

Stinky Face does not give up easily and he comes back with another what if, a dramatic what if of stunning proportions, which leads to more and more what ifs that get bigger and more creative by the minute.

Children and their grownups alike will love this clever and funny bedtime book. Parents familiar with the many ways in which children try to sneak into their bed, and get out of going to bed altogether, will appreciate Stinky Face’s many creative “what if” scenarios.