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Good Night Fairies

Good Night Fairies

Kathleen Hague
Illustrator:   Michael Hague 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Chronicle Books, 2002   ISBN: 978-1587171345

A mother is putting her little son to bed and tonight the little boy wants to her to tell him all about fairies. He wants to know what they do at night, if they have toys, and if they ever sleep. His mother, being a very wise woman, proceeds to tell her son all about the wonderful things that fairies do in the day and at night.

At night fairies welcome children into dreamland and during the day they make the falls leaves blow. Without them birds and unicorns would have a hard time learning how to fly and mermaids wouldn't have anyone to comb their long hair for them. Without fairies rainbows and butterfly wings would have no color and the flowers of spring would never bloom.

Clearly fairies are an essential part of nature, doing all manner of things in their daily lives to make our world more beautiful and special.

Soft simple language and incredibly detailed richly illustrated artwork make this a picture book to read at bedtime and to pore over during the day. In all there are three hundred and twenty-one winged fairies on the pages which children will have a wonderful time looking for and counting.