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Good Morning Sam

Good Morning Sam

Marie-Louise Gay
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 and up
Groundwood Books, 2003   ISBN: 978-0888995285

Sam is getting up and has decided that he is old enough to get dressed by himself. Luckily for him he has the most understanding of sisters because he encounters some unforeseen problems. First his head seems to have grown in the night when he tries to take off his pajama top. Stella helps him pull it off. Then someone turns off the lights when he tries to put on his sweater. Stella helps him pull his sweater over his eyes so he can see again. Back and forth the two children carry on a conversation as Sam attempts this mammoth task of his. "Did you look in the closet?" asked Stella. /"Help!" cried Sam. "I can?t get out." Who would have thought getting dressed could be so complicated. There are so many things to remember, so many items of clothing to put on.

With great sensitivity and gentle humor Marie-Louise Gay portrays the loving relationship between a brother and sister, the elder helping the younger and yet, at the end of it all, the younger having the last laugh.

Detailed and soft multimedia watercolor illustrations, and an obvious understanding of childhood, make this charming Stella and Sam book a delight to read. Readers may want to look for Marie-Louise Gay?s other Sam and Stella books.