Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Good Dog, Aggie

Good Dog, Aggie

Lori Ries
Illustrator:  Frank W. Dormer 
Fiction  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Charlesbridge Publishing, 2009   ISBN: 1570916454

Ben has a dog called Aggie, whom he loves very much. She is a wonderful pet except for the fact that Aggie “does not listen.” Aggie steals Ben’s homework, she does not come when she is called, and she does not know how to “sit.” Ben decides that the solution to the problem is a simple one. Aggie needs to go to school.

At her first session at school, Aggie figures out how to sit, but when she is asked to stay Aggie loses control. In fact Aggie causes such a disruption in the class that soon all the dog students are running around and barking.  Ben tries to teach Aggie how to stay when they are at home, but Aggie won’t listen to her little master.

In this charming Aggie and Ben title, Ben and his dog Aggie face new challenges as Ben tries to teach his beloved pet some manners. Ben learns that it is not easy to train a dog, and Aggie learns that being a “good dog” is a good thing for Ben and for her.

With three little chapters, loveable characters, and humorous illustrations, this is perfect title for beginner readers.