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Go to Sleep, Russell the Sheep

Go to Sleep, Russell the Sheep

Rob Scotton
Board Book  Series
For ages 2 to 4
HarperCollins, 2007   ISBN: 978-0061284342

Russell the sheep simply cannot fall asleep no matter what he does. He pulls his hat down over his eyes to make it really dark, but the really dark scares him. He takes off his wooly fleece just in case it is the heat that is keeping him awake  - but it isn't. Poor Russell is desperate when he comes up with the idea to count sheep.

So Russell counts away slowly but surely, and then he realizes that he almost forgot to count a very important sheep indeed -  himself. When he does, the most amazing thing happens, Russell falls asleep.

Little children will find it almost impossible to not to fall in love with this thoroughly lovable insomniac sheep and his froggy sidekick. Deliciously funny facial expressions and wonderful illustrations make this an unforgettable story for nighttime reading. Children will be thrilled to find that there is a special surprise at the end of the book, which rounds off the story perfectly.