Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Go, Dog. Go!

Go, Dog. Go!

P.D. Eastman
Board Book
Foe ages 2 to 4
Random House Books for Young Readers, 2015   ISBN: 978-0553521092

The sun is up and the dogs all jump out of bed when one of their number rings a bell and shouts “Go, dogs. Go!” through a megaphone.

Without wasting a moment the dogs do exactly that; they go. Little dogs and big dogs, spotted dogs and plain dogs, pedigree dogs and mixed breeds all head out. Some are running, some are on bikes or scooters. One is even wearing roller skates.

Dogs go on skis, all bundled up “so you don’t freeze.” They go in a blimp, by boat, and by car. The dogs are in a rush until…they come to a red light.

This action-packed board book will delight little children who like “Things that go.” They will be eager to see where all the dogs are going, and will laugh out loud when they see what the fuss is about.