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Giant Seek and Find: Look Inside!

Giant Seek and Find: Look Inside!

Illustrator:  Tiago Americo , Julie Mercier , Paku , Benjamin Becue 
Novelty Board Book
For ages 5 and up
Auzou, 2017   ISBN: 978-2733846841

Seek and find books have been around for a while. Perhaps the most well-known of these books are the Where’s Wally and Where’s Waldo books, which first came on the book stage in 1987. Ever since Waldo first delighted us by hiding in plain sight, illustrators have found many imaginative ways to create engaging seek and find books for children and their grownups.

For this seek and find book the illustrators have created a large format volume with sturdy board pages. There are nine cross-section scenes to explore that are practically exploding with colors, characters, stories, and a certain amount of delightful craziness. In addition to looking at the action-packed scenes, we are invited find fifty objects and characters. For bonus points we can also locate ten recurring characters who appear in every scene.

The first spread we get to look at shows us the inside of buildings. Some of the rooms we see belong to apartments, while others belong to businesses such as a bakery and a veterinary clinic. All kinds of thing are going on in the rooms. In one a birthday party is in full swing, while in another a person is trying to deal with a kitchen fire. Luckily someone carrying a fire extinguisher is coming to help. In another room there is a flood and the fire department has been called to rescue the two people who are floating around in it.

Next we go on to visit a hospital, where all kinds of crazy things are going on, and after that we go to a library. This library is unlike any library you or I have seen, and here too wild and wonderful things are taking place. Readers then go on to visit a shopping mall, a parking lot, a movie theatre, a cruise ship, a museum, and a gym.

Children will be able to spend hours exploring this book, and they will surely keep coming back to it to find the things that they missed during their last visit.