Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

George Washington

George Washington

Cheryl Harness
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 8 to 11
National Geographic, 2000   ISBN: 978-0792270966

George Washington’s father Gus had planned to send his son to England to be educated as befitted a young gentleman but then Gus died when George was eleven and the boy ended up staying in Virginia. More than anything George wanted to become a soldier or perhaps a sailor. His mother however was not going to allow this. Instead George became a surveyor, venturing out into the wilderness and making a name for himself in the field. He dreamed of owning land of his own and saved his money towards this end.

Then George saw a new opportunity open up for him. The King of England wanted the lands around Virginia secured and George became a member of the Virginia Militia. After the French and Indian War was over George went home, got married and settled down to manage his farm at Mount Vernon.

George has sixteen happy years of this quiet life but then the situation in his country began to deteriorate. It became clear that all was not well between the colonies and Great Britain. People like George were getting fed up with being told what to do by the English crown. It finally became clear that the only way that the colonies were going to get justice was if they fought the English and when this time came George agreed to lead the colonial army. The farmer who loved the quiet life had to go to war.

In this engaging and beautifully illustrated picture book Cheryl Harness presents a fascinating picture of America’s first president. In addition to the entertaining and highly accessible text, Cheryl Harness has decorated every double page spread with richly detailed pictures and maps.