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Fuzzimal Puppies

Fuzzimal Puppies

Theresa Hutnick, Megan Smith
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 8 to 10
Klutz, 2009   ISBN: 978-1591746522

There is something about shaggy dogs that is very endearing, and with this kit children can make five colorful little shaggy dog toys of their own. All the supplies they need to make the little animals are included in the kit and the only additional things they need are some scissors, a pair of nail clippers, and a sharpened pencil.

   The authors begin by looking at the supplies that are in the kit and then they waste no more time and show us how to make the bodies of the dogs. Easy-to-follow annotated illustrations show us how to bend pipe cleaners for legs, coil pipe cleaners for the torso and head, and then how to put the pieces together to create the dog’s body.

   Next it is time to make our dog shaggy. All we have to do is to wrap the pipe cleaner body with fuzzy yarn. Once this is done we can add felt ears and googly eyes.

   Of course there are lots of ways to make our dog special. We can add a collar, makes funny looking ears, and trim the fur. There are two kinds of punch-out puppy carriers to make, and if your dog needs its own shelter then you can put together the little punch-out tent for it to rest in.

   This kit would be a wonderful gift for a child who likes furry animals.