Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Funny Farm

Funny Farm

Mark Teague
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Scholastic, 2009   ISBN: 043991499X

It is spring and Edward comes to visit his Uncle Earl, his Aunt Josephine, and his Cousin Judy. Edward’s relatives live and work on a farm, which is very exciting for Edward because he has never stayed on a farm before. The very first morning, Edward gets fully involved in farm life. He gets up very early in the morning to help milk the cows, and he feeds the pigs. Unfortunately, Judy has a little fun with Edward, and he ends up sitting in the mud in the pig sty, which the pigs think is very funny.

Later Edward helps gather the pails of maple sap, and when it starts to rain, he even tries to learn how to knit, though he is not very successful in this endeavor!

Young children will love watching plucky little Edward trying his best to do farm chores that he really is not all that good at doing. Wearing his suit and bowtie, Edward shows everyone, even the pigs, what a good sport he is.

With delightful animal characters and an easy to follow text, this is a book that farm-loving children are sure to enjoy.