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Funky Knits: Knitting know-how for hip young things

Funky Knits: Knitting know-how for hip young things

Carol Meldrum, Julie Marchington
Nonfiction Craft Book
For ages 14 and up
Interweave Press, 2006   ISBN: 978-1596680036

If you think that knitting is only for grannies and kindly aunts then you are very much mistaken. Knitting has made a huge comeback and now young people of both sexes can enjoy this creative art form without feeling self-conscious. Knitting can provide young people with an excellent reason to come together and to make new friends. Knitting is also a wonderful way to make beautiful and "funky" garments which are original and fun to wear.

The authors of this guide to hip knitting begin with the basics, showing their readers what the tools of the trade are, along with the basic stitches and techniques that they will need to know to complete the projects in the book. In the next chapter, called "Urban Playground," the authors have patterns for a number of both easy and not-so-easy projects including knee-pad covers, ipod covers, a hooded top, and more. Next knitters will find projects that have a "party flavor," including a little black dress, badges and even knitted bangles. This is followed by a "Home Comforts" chapter. Here knitters can find patterns to make wash cloths, slippers, a blanket, and a dog coat. If you want to knit a guitar case or a bag for records then the fifth chapter is for you, and for knitters who love the whole folk scene chapter six is full of patterns for hippy style socks, a poncho, a hat, a blanket and more.

In short this book will surely have patterns which will intrigue everyone, no matter what their tastes are. Making items which are perfect for oneself or to give to others will have young knitters clicking and talking for many happy hours to come.