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Funky Felt Crafts

Funky Felt Crafts

The editors at American Girl
Nonfiction Craft Kit
For ages 10 and up
2009   ISBN: 1593694865

Making things with fabric can be complicated because fabric frays and it is not easy to apply glue to it.  Felt, on the other hand, does not fray, it is easy to cut, and gluing things to felt is incredibly easy. This kit will give young crafters all kinds of ideas for making things with felt. The kit includes an instruction book and lots of patterns that crafters can use to make the items described in the book.

The author begins by showing crafters how to sew some basic stitches. Then the projects begin. There are gift projects, felt pets, and felt food that looks good enough to eat. For each project, the author includes a list of things that the crafter will need, directions, and a photograph of the finished project. Among other things, crafters can make a scrapbook, a belt, hair clips, felt cupcakes, and a cuddly looking stuffed bear.

This kit will make a great gift for a young person who likes to create unique craft items.