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Friendship Pixies: Charmed Little Dolls to Make &and share

Friendship Pixies: Charmed Little Dolls to Make &and share

Karen Phillips
Illustrator:  Galia Bernstein , Sara Boore 
Photographer: Joseph Quever
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 8 and up
Klutz, 2011   ISBN: 978-1591749172

If you need some good luck, a little happiness, courage, or confidence, then a little pixie is just what you need. The problem is that pixies are not easy to find because they are shy little people, and one never knows how they are going to react when they are found. Thankfully, Karen Phillips has come up with a solution. She has figured out how to make friendship pixies, which are “magical little dolls you can make for anyone you care about.”

Everything you need to make several friendship pixies is included in this kit. Detailed annotated illustrations and photos in the included book show you how to make the pixies, and there are suggestions on how you might accessorize your creations so that they are truly one of kind.

In addition to the pixies, you can make charms that will convey a good wish to the person who receives it. Each color and shape represents a special wish. A green star represents courage and confidence, while a blue flower represents creativity and happiness.

Now all you need is container for your pixies and their charms. The last section in the book shows you how to make little gift boxes using the cardboard and the box covers that are provided. There are even little labels for the boxes if you need some. Of course you can always make your own boxes “from scratch” if you want to.

This craft kit would make a wonderful gift for young crafters who enjoy using their creativity to make something truly unique.