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Frankie's Magical Day: A First Book of Whimsical Words

Frankie's Magical Day: A First Book of Whimsical Words

Michelle Romo
Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Harry N. Abrams, 2018   ISBN: 978-1419728242

It is early in the morning and Frankie is fast asleep on her bed. When she wakes up Frankie’s cat, Morgan, greets her by meowing at her. After Frankie makes her bed she has to decide what she is going to wear. Frankie decides to wear a dress and then she heads downstairs. On her way to the kitchen, where dad is cooking breakfast, she meets her mother and gives her a hug.

After breakfast Frankie and her mother work in the garden for a while. They pick flowers and check to see how the veggies are growing. Then the little family leaves the house and they go to the park. On the way they say hello to their neighbors. Frankie has a hard time making up her mind what she wants to do.

Next Frankie and her mother go to the city to run errands. They go to the market to buy a few food items and Frankie buys some new colored pencils. They also need to get some food the family’s two cats.

In this engaging large format board book, young readers get to share a day with Frankie and her family. Every double page spread presents children with a scene that is full of things to look at. Many of the objects in the scenes are labeled so that children can start recognizing the written names of things that they see on a regular basis. The author makes her story interactive by asking readers questions, and by also asking them to find things in the pictures.

This book will surely keep a young child busy for many hours as they explore Frankie’s world.