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Fox and Hen Together

Fox and Hen Together

Illustrator:  Beatrice Rodriguez 
Wordless Picture Book
For ages 4 and up
Enchanted Lion Books, 2011   ISBN: 978-1592701094

Crab, Fox, and Hen are living together very happily until one day when Fox discovers that the refrigerator is empty. Someone is going to have to get some food. Leaving Fox to tend her precious egg, Hen goes fishing, and Crab goes along to help. It isn’t long before Hen catches a very large fish indeed, but she does not get to enjoy her success for long because a huge bird swoops down and snatches up her catch, which is still attached to Hen’s fishing line.

Hen may be a lot smaller than the enormous bird that stole her fish, but she is also very determined. Her family needs food and she is not going to let the big bird steal her fish. Grimly Hen hangs on to her fishing pole as she is dragged across the sea and then into the sky. Little does she know that her adventure is only just beginning.

This is the second wordless book that Beatrice Rodriguez has created featuring Fox and Hen. Young readers will quickly fall in love with brave and stubborn Hen who never gives up. The ending to the story adds another twist to the tale, because when Hen gets home she discovers that something has happened to her egg in her absence.

Readers of all ages are sure to love this clever, expressive, and thoroughly enjoyable story.