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Fox and Chick: The Party and Other Stories

Fox and Chick: The Party and Other Stories

Sergio Ruzzier
For ages 5 to 7
Chronicle Books, 2018   ISBN: 978-1452152882

One day Chick knocks on Fox’s door and he asks if he can use Fox’s bathroom. Fox, being a good friend, is happy to let Chick use his facilities. Fox goes and sits down in his armchair and he begins to read his book. He read and reads. He reads some more. More than an hour goes by and Fox finally goes to check on his friend. He asks, through the closed door, if Chick is okay. He then hears a series of loud noises and so he goes into the bathroom only to discover that Chick and a passel of other animals are turning the place upside down. They are having a party in his bathroom!

On another occasion Chick sees Fox pulling up carrots in his garden and he tells him that foxes are not supposed to eat carrots. They are supposed to eat field mice. Foxes aren’t supposed to eat onions, or potatoes, or parsley either. Chick begins to wonder if Fox is a fox at all. What kind of fox eats vegetables instead of little creatures? It is only when he considers that normal foxes eat little birds that Chick pauses in his lecture.

One day Fox decides that he is doing to paint a landscape. He gathers his supplies, walks up a hill, and finds “a good spot.” He then settles down to paint, but soon Chick arrives and he announces that landscapes are boring. Fox should do a portrait; a portrait of him. Fox, being an agreeable fellow, acquiesces. He will paint Chick’s portrait. There is only one problem; Chick cannot seem to sit still for longer than a few minutes at a time.

In this wonderful chapter book children will find three stories that are told using comic book style panels. The clever tongue-in-cheek humor will delight readers of all ages, and readers will surely grow fond of the two animals who are so unalike, and yet who are such good friends.