Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Forever or a Day

Forever or a Day

Sarah Jacoby
Picture Book
For ages 5 and up
Chronicle Books, 2018   ISBN: 978-1452164632

Time is one of those elusive things that is hard to explain. Sometimes it is “precise” and everything is calm and ordered, at other times it seems to take over; it really makes itself felt when you are late.

There are people who seem to be controlled by time and who “pay a lot of attention to it.” The lucky ones are the people who can just tootle along, appreciating its presence but not giving in to the temptation to be ruled by it.

When you are waiting for something, like a bus for example, time seems to take its time. Then, when you went it to slow down because you are enjoying yourself, it slips away and you cannot help wondering where the time has gone. You cannot back it up or hold on to it. The time you are given is all the time you are going to get; so you best enjoy it as much of it as you can, and spend as much of that time with the people you love best.

In the context of one family’s vacation, which is spent visiting loved ones, we explore the nature of time and see how precious it is. It can be “Forever or a Day,” so the best thing to do is to live and to love to the fullest.