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Fly High, Fly Guy!

Fly High, Fly Guy!

Tedd Arnold
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Scholastic, 2008   ISBN: 0545007224

Buzz and his family are going on a road trip, and not surprisingly Fly Guy, Buzz’s pet fly, wants to go along. Buzz’s parents think that Fly Guy is “too little” to go along and they worry that “He might get lost.” They think that Fly Guy should stay home. Buzz’s father then proceeds to accidentally close Fly Guy in the trunk of the car and off they go.

When they stop the car to have a meal, Buzz’s parents discover that Fly Guy was in the car the whole time. There is nothing they can do about the little fly now, and they tell Buzz to make sure not to lose his diminutive pet.

Buzz and his family go to the beach, the museum, and the fun park. At Every stop they worry about losing Fly Guy, and every time Fly Guy is right there with them, safe and sound. Then, on the way home, something very unexpected happens and Buzz and his family discover that it can be very handy to have a fly around.

In this charming Fly Guy title, the little fly once again proves that he not only a splendid pet, but he is also be very helpful when you are in need of a fresh point of view. Short little chapters, amusing illustrations, and likeable characters make this a winning title for young readers.