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Fly Guy's Big Family

Fly Guy's Big Family

Tedd Arnold
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Scholastic, 2017   ISBN: 978-0545663168

Buzz wants to play and so he starts looking for Fly Guy, his pet fly. When Buzz finds him, Fly Guy is drawing pictures of his family members, and Buzz realizes that his friend is missing his relatives.

Being a generous and kind-hearted little boy, Buzz decides to host a surprise family gathering for Fly Guy. He makes little invitational signs which he posts around the neighborhood, inviting Fly Guy’s family to come to his house for a party.

It isn’t long before one of Fly Guy’s cousins arrives. At first the cousin is worried about entering Buzz’s house because he is concerned that there may be fly swatters inside. Buzz reassures him that there are no swatters in the house and that he will be safe inside. Soon after, a veritable swarm of flies turns up. It would appear that Fly Guy has a very large family.

In this wonderful Fly Guy story we celebrate with Fly Guy when he has a family reunion, and we also come to appreciate what true friendship is like. After all, how many people would be willing to let hundreds of flies visit their home!