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Flora and the Chicks

Flora and the Chicks

Molly Idle
Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Chronicle Books, 2017   ISBN: 978-1452146577

Flora is going to collect eggs and when she gets to the hen’s nest she sees that one of the nine eggs in the nest is breaking open. She picks up the egg and a chick emerges. While she is admiring the chick, behind her another egg starts to crack and soon she has one chick in each hand!

It isn’t long before another egg hatches. This chick, for some reason, chooses to emerge feet first, which is rather peculiar. Flora places the three chicks in the egg bowl, only to discover that a fourth chick is starting to walk out of the nest.

The fifth chick, which is a chocolate color, unlike its yellow brothers and sisters, decides to try to fly and Flora has to be quick on her feet before the chick hurts itself. Flora is overrun with chicks, and trying to keep them safe and in order is turning out to be quite challenging.

This delightful wordless counting book will charm young children who are starting to learn their numbers. There are fold-out pages throughout the book, which conceal parts of the unfolding drama until the reader opens them.