Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Float and Flutter

Float and Flutter

Hannah Wood
Novelty Book
For ages 3 to 5
Child's Play, 2007   ISBN: 1846430402

Here is a butterfly that “floats and flutters” on the breeze. It is just one of nine things that hang and dangle, that drift and hover, and that waft and wiggle in this book.

In this clever novelty creation, children can open up the pages to create an accordion book showing nine pictures that hang suspended on ribbons in cut out spaces. Children can see white blossoms that “trails and swings” and a leaf that is carried up by the wind. There is a hummingbird that “hovers and drinks” and a sycamore seed pod that “spirals and slows.”

Little children are sure to enjoy the charming pictures and the lyrical words in this accordion book. Best of all they will have fun blowing on the dangling pictures so that the flowers, seeds, leaf, insects, and bird sway too and fro on their ribbons.