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Flaptastic Numbers

Flaptastic Numbers

From the editors and writers at DK
Novelty Board Book
For infants to age 2
DK , 2009   ISBN: 978-0756655006

Exploring pictures with their eyes, lifting flaps, and answering questions are the kinds of things little children love to do when they look at a book. This title allows them to do all of these things from the first page to the last.

On the left hand page of the first spread there is a picture of a colorful pinewheel, and the child is asked “How many pinwheels can you count?” Then the child can lift a flap and pictures of a teddy bear, a clock, a flower, and a balloon are revealed. In each case there is just one of each object. Lifting the flap also reveals a large bold black number one.

On the left hand page of the fourth spread there is a picture of four fish which the child reader is asked to count. When the flap is lifted we see a large number four, and pictures of four toy cars, four cookies, four star fruit, and four leaves.

In this way, young readers can practice counting from one to five, and they can also learn the names of interesting objects.