Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

First words and pictures: On the Go

First words and pictures: On the Go

Illustrator:  Jean Claude 
Board Book
For infants to children age 3
Amicus Ink, 2017   ISBN: 978-1681522012

Children love vehicles. Girls and boys alike love watching trains clickety clack by, planes taking off, and fire engines roaring down the road with lights flashing. Often the name of some kind of vehicle is one of the first words they learn.

In this wonderful board book children will find double page spreads that are dedicated to different kinds of vehicles or modes of transport, and the things and people that are associated with them. For example, on the first spread the focus is on trains. There is an engine, a train car, tickets, a tunnel, a signal, a conductor and more. Each picture is annotated with the name of the thing that we are looking at.

The next spread looks at air travel. In addition to an airplane and a helicopter, we see pictures of a hang glider, and a hot air balloon. There are also pictures of a pilot and a flight attendant, a stair car, an airport, and a baggage cart.

The pages that follow show us things “On the road;” things that are associated with emergencies such as ambulances and fire stations; building site vehicles and the things that you see on building sites; and finally things that are “On the water.”

This book will make a wonderful gift for a young child who loves things that go.