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First Words and Pictures: Animals

First Words and Pictures: Animals

Illustrator:  Jean Claude 
Board Book
For infants to children age 3
Amicus Ink, 2017   ISBN: 978-1681522005

Children love animals. Often they know the names of animals before they know people’s names, happily burbling on about “goggies” and “kitties” to anyone who will listen. In this wonderful board book, children get to meet a wide variety of animals, some of which they might see as they go about their day, and others that live in exotic locales around the world.

Our journey begins with “safari animals” such as a lion, a rhino, and a snake. Alongside these more well-known animals children will encounter a hornbill, a vulture, and a meerkat.

Next up are farm animals, some of which children might also see in a home (a rabbit), in a backyard (a hen) or perhaps in a park (a duck).

Pets come next and again we see familiar animals such as a dog and a cat, but we also see a ferret, a salamander, and a parrot.

We dip beneath the waves next to get to know a stingray, a sea star, a seahorse, and many other wonderful animals that live in the sea.

The author goes on to visit animals that live in rainforests, baby animals, and birds.

For each animal found in this book children are presented with a picture and the name of the animal, which is written in large block-print letters.

Children are going to love exploring this book both on their own and in the company of their grownups. With its large format, bright colors, and sturdy pages, this is a perfect book for lap book time.