Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Mark Teague
Board Book
For ages 2 to 5
Scholastic, 2013   ISBN: 978-0545492157

Edward wants to be a firefighter, so one day he and his friend Judy visit a firehouse. Edward immediately tries on a wonderfully shiny red fire hat. Mrs. Speckle, the fire chief, tells them that the first thing they have to do is to help wash the fire truck. Judy joins the firefighters and soon they are all busy cleaning the truck. Except for Edward, who is pretending to drive the truck.

   While the visitors are checking out the living area in the firehouse, the alarm rings. The fire drill has started! Quickly everyone, including Judy and Edward, slide down the fire pole. They drive out in the fire truck and practice opening the fire hydrant and attaching the hoses. Edward even practices going up the ladder, which is when he learns that it is not as easy coming down a ladder as it is going up one

   Back at the firehouse the alarm rings again and this time it is not a drill.

Children are going to love this gently funny book with its animal characters and its wonderful action-filled illustrations. It is hard not to laugh at Edward, who somehow always seems to get into trouble.