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Find My Feet!

Find My Feet!

Salina Yoon
Novelty Board Book
For babies, and toddlers up to age 4
Random House, 2009   ISBN: 978-0375851117

Little children love playing games that require them to match up objects or characters so that they ‘match.’ They like figuring which hat goes with the cowboy, and which outfit goes with the ballet dancer. Should a duck have wings or arms, and does a cow need feet with hooves or feet with claws?

In this engaging novelty book, Salina Yoon gives children the opportunity to pair six animals with the feet that belong to them. Children can turn the dial at the bottom of the book to match up the feet that go with a little cat, a duck, a cow, a frog, a pig, and a horse.

The text that goes with the pictures of the animal helps children to pair the animals with the right feet. For example, on the duck page the duck asks us to “find my orange ducky feet,” and on the cow page we are told to “Find my black cow feet.”

In addition to the artwork and the rotating feet, Salina Yoon shows us what kinds of noises each of the animals that we meet on the pages make. Children will, of course, enjoy pairing the animals with the wrong feet as well as the right ones!