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Find Me: A Hide-and-Seek Book

Find Me: A Hide-and-Seek Book

Andres Arhoj
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Chronicle Books, 2017   ISBN: 978-1452162546

One day two little creatures are out walking together and the friends decide to play a game. The boy creature will close his eyes and count, and the girl creature will go and hide. Now, in a normal world this would a pretty simple game to play, but in the world these little creatures live in it is not. It turns out that the creatures can change color, so though the little girl creature is blue when we first see her, she is not blue in the first scene we come to. Her friend is going to have to search high and low, and look very hard, if he hopes to find her in the neighborhood.

Next the little girl creature goes to a market. There is a sushi stall, a hat stall, an egg stall, a flower stall, and more. It is a busy place and it is packed with other creatures of all kinds. Somewhere in this place is the little girl and she has changed color. Again!

The next place the two friends go to is a rather dismal location. It is an office and everything there is in in shades of grey and beige. Most of the creatures here look pretty miserable. The little boy creature has to seek out his friend and get out of there.

Thankfully, the roller skate rink they go to next is a bright, happy, colorful place. Though she is playing hide-and-seek with her friend, the little girl creature cannot resist putting on a pair of skates and trying out the rink. Will her friend find her?

You might think that this is going to be an easy seek-and-find bookish experience, but it isn’t. It turns out that seeking color changing characters in a world that is full of weird and wonderful creatures is not as easy as it looks.

When readers get to the end of the book they can start all over again, because the little boy creatures wants to hide now. It is his turn to lead his friend a merry dance from place to place.