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Fifteen Animals!

Fifteen Animals!

Sandra Boynton
Board Book
For ages 1 to 4
Workman Publishing Company, 2008   ISBN: 978-0761130666

I'd like you to meet a young boy who has fifteen pets. No, you haven't make a mistake, he really has fifteen animals in his life. He has a dog, a cat, a pair of fish, a bird, a turtle, and much more. The fact that he has so many pets is unusual to say the least, and I suspect the boy and his animals have interesting stories.  Let's find out what kinds of animals they are and what they are called. 

We begin by meeting a cat who is called Bob. Here is a dog who is also called Bob. Next there are two fish ,who are called Bob and Bob. Hmmm. Something odd going on here, wouldn't you say? Let's keep going. Here is hamster and a horse. They are both called Bob. This is very peculiar. Are all the animals in this book called Bob?

As readers count their way up to the little boy's fifteenth pet – chuckling all the while – they will start to become complacent, sure that every single one of the animals is going to be called Bob.  However, the author, Sandra Boynton, likes to keep her readers on their toes, and she has a surprise in store when the fifteenth animal is introduced.

With wonderful funny illustrations throughout, this board book makes counting up to fifteen an adventure. Children will quickly see that there is a pattern here, and more likely than not they will join in when the word "Bob" is read. Adults and children alike will love the way in which Sandra Boynton surprises them.

Inside the book readers will find a web address to Sandra Boyton's website, which children can visit to get a download of the Fifteen Animals song.