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Fidgety Fish

Fidgety Fish

Ruth Galloway
Board Book
For ages 2 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2006   ISBN: 978-1589257726

Tiddler is the kind of little fish who is always full of energy, always wiggling and giggling. Not too surprisingly there comes a time when his mother has had enough. Needing a break from her busy little son she tells him to “go and swim until you are tired.” Of course she also warns him to keep his eyes open for the “Big Fish.”

Full of the joys of being young and free to do as he pleases, Tiddler swims away from his home and far out into the depths of the ocean where he sees all kinds of extraordinary creatures. Then Tiddler comes upon a cave which is even bigger than the one he lives in. Not looking where he is going, Tiddler swims into the cave. It is only when he is deep inside it that the little fish discovers that he had made a dreadful mistake.

Small children will greatly enjoy this colorful cautionary tale with its bright and cheerful illustrations. The text is peppered with sounds which children will have a wonderful time shouting out loud. Here is a chance for them to say “BURP” as loud as they can without getting into trouble for doing so! Readers will meet many familiar ocean scenes and creatures as they join Tiddler on his adventure.

A surprise pop-up at the end of the book gives readers an extra treat to enjoy.