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Felted Friends: Create your own soft, fuzzy animals

Felted Friends: Create your own soft, fuzzy animals

Kaitlyn Nichols
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 10 and up
Klutz, 2014   ISBN: 978-0545647960

In the last few years needle felting has become an art form that people of all ages are trying. It is a hobby that is easy to learn and the tools you need to make needle felted projects are easy to find and not very expensive. In this kit, crafters will find everything they need to make five little needle felted animals, including colorful wool roving (in six colors), a foam block, a felting tool, and a ruler. The only additional thing crafters will need is a small pair of scissors.

   The author of the book that is included in this kit begins by showing you how to use the felting tool. A list of reminders tells crafters how to use the felting tool safely and how to best get the effect you are looking for. For example we are told to “work slowly and carefully,” and to “Poke gently.”

   Next we are shown how to measure and tear the right amount of wool that we need for our projects. We then learn how to make round shapes and flat shapes. In all these preliminary chapters in the book,  photos and annotated illustrations help us to see what to do and how do it.

  Once we know these basics we can start making the projects, the first of which is a little mouse. Crafters can use the wool color suggested in the book, or they can use a different color if they prefer. Annotated illustrations show crafters how to make the mouse step by step. At the end of the mouse project there is a variation offered just in case the crafter would rather make a hedgehog. The basic body shape is the same as the mouse. All you need to do is to add little tufts of wool to the body that will serve as the hedgehog’s prickles.

   The mouse project is followed by a cat project, a rabbit project, a squirrel project and a fox project. The cat, squirrel and fox projects include “Finishing Touches” that allow crafters to personalize their felted animals in creative ways.

   This kit would make a wonderful gift for a tween or teen who enjoys making things with his or her hands.