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Felix’s Christmas Around the World

Felix’s Christmas Around the World

Annette Langen, Laura Lindgren
Illustrator:  Constanza Droop 
Novelty Book  Series
For ages 4 to and up
Parklane, 2003   ISBN: 978-1593840365

Sophie is feeling miserable because a boy at school is laughing at her for believing in Santa Claus. The Boy’s words put doubts in her mind. After all she has never actually seen Santa. What if he isn’t real after all? Sophie is so upset that her toy rabbit and best friend, Felix, decides to write to Santa and find out once and for all if the man in the red suit does exist.

Santa, being the generous and kind man that he is writes back to Felix and puts both their concerns to rest - Santa does indeed exist and he is still delivering toys to the children in the world who believe in him and need him in their lives.

Felix, a rabbit who loves to travel, then takes a trip to meet Santa in person. As always, Felix writes to Sophie telling her all about the things that he sees and learns about. Sophie discovers that children in different parts of the world celebrate Christmas in different ways.

Through Felix’s letters and Sophie’s own discoveries at home the reader learns a great deal about the various Christmas traditions that exist around the world. Wonderful illustrations, a photo of Felix and one of Santa’s reindeer, a recipe for Swedish Saffron Bread, and a wonderful fold-out map of the world which shows Santa’s Christmas Eve route all contribute to make this book a real Christmas time treasure.