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Farm Sticker Activities

Farm Sticker Activities

Annette Rusling
Illustrator:  Artful Doodlers , Ian Cuncliffe 
Novelty Activity Book
For ages 5 to 7
Tiger Tales, 2014   ISBN: 978-1589253032

Welcome to the farm! We are going to spend some time getting to know, and learn about, the farm animals, and we also going to help the farmer with his chores and find out a little about farm crops.

Our adventure begins in a lovely green meadow. We see flowers and butterflies, a bright sun in the sky and one lone lamb eating some grass. We are asked to “Find some animal friends to join her.” In the back of the book there a lots of stickers and we can choose which of the sticker animals to add to the meadow so that the lamb has some companions.

Next we see four chicks. They have been playing together but now they need to rejoin their mothers. We are asked to “follow the trails” so that we can reunite each chick with the right hen.

In the henhouse on the next page we see that there are two hens and chick inside. There are also some eggs, which we are asked to find. Finally need to add some more sticker chickens to the scene.

Further on in the book we get to color in pictures, finish dot-to-dot illustrations, draw pictures, spot the differences between two pictures, add stickers to scenes, solve puzzles and more.

With eight pages full of stickers to search through, and all kinds of activities to try, this is a book that will give children hours of entertainment.