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Farm Picture Pops

Farm Picture Pops

Roger Priddy
Novelty Book
For ages 2 to 5
Priddy Books, 2006   ISBN: 978-0312496777

Have you ever been to visit a farm? Well let’s pretend that that is what we are going to do. We’ll begin by visiting the animals. Here are the sheep and the other animals that give us wool. Llamas look rather like sheep with long necks! Here, popping right out of the page is a little lamb.

Next we are going to look at the chickens. Farmers raise chickens for their meat and eggs. Some of the eggs that the hens lay are allowed to hatch into chicks. Most are sent to stores where we buy them. In the middle of this page we can see a chick hatching out of an egg.

Further along we can see horses and cows, ducks and geese, and there is a whole page dedicated to those farm favorites with their delightful curly tails – the pigs.

After our ‘visits’ with the farm animals we get to see the farm machines with their huge wheels and these are followed by a page which features the crops which the farmers grow. Be prepared for a wonderfully sunny greeting when you open the crops page.

This is a wonderful book for little children who really want to know what farm life is like. Illustrated throughout with splendid photographs, the text is engaging and easy to follow, even for very young children. They will not only learn a great deal about how a farm works but they will also be thrilled by the photographic pop-ups which can be found on every double page spread.

This is one in a series of “Picture Pops” published by Priddy Books.