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Farley and the Lost Bone

Farley and the Lost Bone

Lynn Johnston, Beth Cruikshank
Illustrator:  Lynn Johnston 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2011   ISBN: 978-1449403065

It is spring, and Farley the dog and his person Elly are outside in the yard enjoying the warm sun and the blue sky. Elly is digging in the flower border, and seeing her at work reminds Farley of something that I can’t quite put his paw on. Try as he might, Farley cannot remember what it was. He knows that it was something that he “really, REALLY wanted to do when the snow was gone,” but now he cannot for the life of him remember.

Then Farley sees John pick up a wrench, and Farley remembers a day many weeks ago when Elly gave him a fabulous bone, which Farley promptly buried in the yard. That very night it had snowed and Farley’s bone was trapped in the frozen ground.

Now at last, the ground has thawed and Farley can dig up his bone. There is one problem though. Farley cannot remember where he buried his bone. He dashes from place to place frantically trying to find his treasure, annoying one family member after another with his digging activities. Farley does not want to make everyone mad. All he wants to do is to find his bone!

For years, readers of all ages followed the adventures of the Patterson in the For Better For Worse comic strip. This is a story about Farley, the beloved family dog who appeared in the comic strip many times.

Anyone who has had a dog will instantly recognize that look of concentration on Farley’s face as he tries very hard to remember something, and later to find something that he has lost.

With wonderful illustrations throughout and a doggy character who is instantly loveable, this is a picture book that readers of all ages will enjoy.