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Far-Flung Adventures: Fergus Crane

Far-Flung Adventures: Fergus Crane

Paul Stewart , Chris Riddell
Fiction  Series
8 to 11
Random House, 2011   ISBN: 978-0385751124

Fergus Crane is pretty happy with his lot. He lives with his mother and he goes to a pleasant enough school even though the school (which is a ship), the lessons, and the teachers are a bit odd. Then, late one night a strange flying box arrives at his bedroom window and after that Fergus’s life becomes a lot more complicated.

Inside the box there are notes which ask Fergus a lot of questions about himself. Then, once those questions have been answered, the note writer tells Fergus that he is in "great danger" and that help is being sent. It is only when Fergus is whisked away far from home on the back of a flying horse that he starts to get some answers to his own questions. He finds out who the mysterious letter writer is, and most important of all, he finds out that his school mates are in terrible danger. There is only one thing to do and that is for Fergus to go to their rescue.

This deliciously funny and beautifully illustrated book will have readers begging for more stories like it. Fergus has all sorts of peculiar adventures, meeting friends and foes alike and finding himself in the most bizarre of situations. Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart have once again collaborated to produce a book which will tickle the imagination of their readers.

This book won the Smarties gold prize award.