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Far-Flung Adventures: Corby Flood

Far-Flung Adventures: Corby Flood

Paul Stewart , Chris Riddell
Fiction  Series
For ages 8 to 11
Random House, 2012   ISBN: 978-0385750974

Corby and her family as sailing on the once luxurious ship, the S.S Euphonia. Nowadays the ship no longer cruises from port to port; instead it carries passengers from Dandoon to Harbour Heights non-stop. As the Euphonia ploughs its way through the waves, Corby reads an old guide book that she found on the ship that describes all the wonderful places that the ship used to visit including the Dalcretia Coast with its towns of Mesapoli, Fedrun, Lissari, and Doralakia. If only the ship could stop so that Corby could explore these fascinating sounding places.

Little does Corby know that in the not too distant future she is going to be leaving the Euphonia after all and that she is going to be visiting one of the towns described in Hoffendinck’s Guide. The only problem is that hers is going to be a completely unplanned visit and one which could turn horribly wrong, for on board Euphonia there are some passengers who are not what they seem. Furthermore, these passengers are, deep in their hearts, wicked to the core and it will be up to Corby to put a stop to their evil plans.

This delicious, often funny, and wonderfully illustrated book will delight adventure lovers of all ages. Full of excerpts from Hoffendinck’s Guide and from Corby’s own travel journal, this is a book that will have readers clamoring for more books about the people who have "Far Flung Adventure" in fascinating places.