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Fancy Friendship Bracelets

Fancy Friendship Bracelets

Anne Akers Johnson
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 8 and up
Klutz, 2009   ISBN: 1591746922

Many young people like friendship bracelets, which are colorful bracelets that are made out of cord. With this kit young crafters can make friendship bracelets of their own to keep or to give away as gifts. Everything a crafter will need to start is included in the kit. There are beads of various sizes, charms, cord, and a ruler. The only things not included are scissors to cut the cord to the right length, and a safety pin (or clipboard) to hold projects in place while they are being made.

The author begins by showing her readers how to make a basic bracelet. Using photos and diagrams she shows us how to get the bracelet set up, how to measure the cord, how tie the first knot and so on. Then she moves on to the projects, beginning with a simple charmed braid bracelet that is made using beads, charms, and a basic braided pattern. After this there is a woven bracelet, and various knotted bead bracelets (that get more complex as you move forward through the book.)

This title would make a great gift for young people who like to make things with their hands and who like to use their creativity to turn beads and cord into beautiful works of art.