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Fairy Tree House

Fairy Tree House

Saviour Pirotta
Illustrator:  Susanna Lockheart 
Novelty Kit
For ages 6 to 8
Chronicle Books, 2008   ISBN: 978-0811864312

Have you ever wished that you could visit a fairy home? Well, now you can, for the fairies living in the old tree in the middle of the woods have invited you to enter their magic filled house. Newel, a fairy who spends his time delivering messages might greet you at the door. He will take you up the twirly staircase to fairy Sugar Plum's kitchen where you can bake a fairy cake. Fairy Honey will make sure that you have plenty to eat in the room of treats. If you would like to choose a beautiful fairy outfit to wear join Fairy Silk in the dressing room.

With nine fairies to guide them, children will have a wonderful time furnishing this lovely little fairy house, assembling the fairy carousel and dashing dragonfly, and dressing a paper fairy doll. In addition, there is a charming picture book to read that is full of lovely illustrations, "fairy lore" notes, and more.

This kit would make a perfect gift for young fairy lovers.