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Fairy Houses...Everywhere

Fairy Houses...Everywhere

Barry Kane, Tracy Kane
Non-Fiction Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Light-Beams Publishing, 2006   ISBN: 097081044X

On some islands off the coast of Maine there is a charming tradition; people build little fairy houses using materials that they find in nature. Tracy and Barry Kane stumbled across some of these houses one day, and Tracy was so enchanted by what she saw that she decided to build her own little house. The process was absorbing, creative, and Tracy decided that she had to share this delightful pastime with others.

Tracy wrote a picture book about a little girl who builds fairy houses, and this book was such a success that she traveled around the country giving talks and hosting fairy house building events. She and Barry then decided to create a book showcasing some of the fairy houses they have seen.

As you turn the pages in this book, you will see photographs of woodland fairy houses, backyard and garden fairy houses, and some lovely beach homes. There are bijoux residences inside pumpkins, and elaborate mansions built of wood and stone.

After perusing the pages of this delightful book, readers of all ages will feel compelled to try their hand at building a fairy house of their own. Perhaps their little home will attract one of the fair folk.