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Fairy Goodnight Kisses

Fairy Goodnight Kisses

Jamie Michalak
Illustrator:  Kaori Watanabe 
For infants to age 3
Tiger Tales, 2008   ISBN: 978-1589258419

It is bedtime for the children in the fairy family. What are they going to need before they are ready to go to sleep? There is one glowing moon, smiling in the star sprinkled sky. Here are two soft quilts to sleep under. The fairy children are going to need three bedtime books to read, and six soft toys to snuggle.

Finally, everything is ready. But wait, something very important is missing. What do you think the fairy children need last of all?

Little children are sure to enjoy this cozy bedtime book. The simple text is complimented by charming child-like illustrations. Not only does the author tell a little story, but and at the same time little children will get to practice their numbers from one to ten.