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Failure is Impossible: The Story of Susan B. Anthony

Failure is Impossible: The Story of Susan B. Anthony

Lisa Frederkisen Bohannon
For ages 12 and up
Morgan Reynolds, 2001   ISBN: 978-1883846770

It did not take long for Susan B. Anthony to realize that she was living in a very unfair world. It was a world in which women had very few rights; where they were practically the possession of their fathers, husbands, or brothers; where they could own no property, and where few jobs were open to them. In the few jobs that they were allowed to have they were paid less than their male counterparts. For Susan this was a state of affairs that needed to be remedied and for her entire adult life she dedicated everything she had to the cause.

Susan’s work began in the temperance movement but she soon moved on to fighting for the rights of women and for the freedom of the slaves. Susan joined and helped increase a small "army" of women. She gave hundreds of speeches, she lobbied congress, and she managed to annoy many men and women who did not want to see the status quo disturbed.

In this comprehensive biography the author focuses on the women’s right’s movement and what Susan B. Anthony did to further its goals. Readers will discover that she made many sacrifices for the cause and that, above all, she believed that this was a cause worth fighting for no matter how many people apposed her.