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Fablehaven Audio

Fablehaven Audio

Brandon Mull
For ages 12 and up
Unabridged audiobook (CD)
Performed/read by: E.B. Stevens
Shadow Mountain, 2006   ISBN: 978-1590385944

When Kendra and her brother Seth are told that they are going to have to spend a few weeks with their Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson the children are far from enthusiastic. They barely know this set of grandparents and have never even been to their home.

When they get to their grandparents home they are amazed to find that the lovely house is surrounded by a large and luscious garden full of gorgeous flowers, huge butterflies, and dozens of hummingbirds. Beyond the garden there are acres of thick woods. It is a very special place but they quickly come to see that it is also a place of secrets. Why does their grandfather insist that they never go into the barn and into the woods for example?

Seth cannot resist breaking the rules as soon as he can. He ventures into the woods and there he meets are very unpleasant old woman who look and behaves remarkably like a witch. Then Kendra takes a sip of some forbidden milk and before she knows what has happened to her, she sees that what she thought were butterflies and hummingbirds are in fact fairies.

Grandpa Sorenson realizes that the time has come to come clean with the children. He tells them that the house and grounds are part of a large preserve called Fablehaven. It is a place where magical creatures such as fairies, naiads, satyrs and others can live in peace.

Usually the humans and the creatures that live in Fablehaven manage to coexist quite well, respecting each other and the rules that they live under. Unfortunately, during Kendra and Seth’s visit something goes horribly wrong. Kendra and Seth are called upon to use their wits and their courage in ways that they could never imagine, having to do to what they can to save their family and Fablehaven itself from powerful and evil forces.

This is a gripping and beautifully crafted tale in which the magical denizens of Fablehaven are much like humans in that they can be dangerous and unpredictable, or gracious and magnanimous. Listeners will find it hard to turn their CD player off, and will eagerly await the next installment of the tale.