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Fabian Escapes

Fabian Escapes

Peter McCarty
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Henry Holt, 2007   ISBN: 978-0805077131

Fabian the cat and Hondo the dog are in their favorite resting places but they are about to leave these places of comfort to go on their own individual explorations. Hondo goes for a quick walk around the block and then he comes home. Then Fabian escapes out of the window to explore the world outside. While Fabian is outside the house. Hondo will explore the world inside the house. What will these two friends discover?

Fabian is delighted to smell - and to eat – the flowers in the garden. He then comes face to face with the “neighbors” and then he has to run for it for the neighbors are dogs who are delighted to have this opportunity to “play chase” with the cat. Meanwhile Hondo has been able to sample some butter and has had to tolerate the attentions of baby. Luckily he has been able to sneak away for a nap. Later both animals are quite happy to see one another again. It has been quite a day!

Perfectly paced for the gentle action in the tale, this gorgeously illustrated picture book is a joy to read and to look at. With their warmly humorous adventures, Hondo and Fabian are much alike in what they do with their day, and both are clearly glad to return to the comfort of their familiar place and their comfortable friendship. This is a delightful companion to the Caldecott Honor title “Hondo and Fabian.”