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Explore and Discover the Seashore

Explore and Discover the Seashore

Angela Wilkes
For ages 8 to 10
Houghton Mifflin, 2001   ISBN: 978-0753453391

Hurray, we are going down to the seashore for the day! There are going to be so many things to do and to see. We can play in the sand, build sand castles, look in tide pools, collect shells, and go swimming. We can watch the shore birds scuttle along the beach and the crabs pop in and out of their holes.

Well, here we are, on the beach, and now that we are here I realize that there are all kinds of things that I don?t know about the seashore. For example, why is the sea salty Did you know that this is because the sea has lots of minerals mixed up in it? What about all those shells that we love to collect on the beach? Where do they come from? Apparently all kinds of little animals used to live in those shells.

Look over there! Look at those shore birds. I wonder why that brown one has such a long bill? Apparently it uses its long bill to find worms and mollusks deep in the sand. That little bird over there is turning stones over to find creatures to eat. It is called a Turnstone.

In this excellent title in the "Question Time" series young readers will learn all kinds of fascinating facts about the geography, plants, and animals of seashore habitats around the world. There are full double page spread annotated illustrations, photographs, "Now I know" boxes packed with additional facts which compliment the main text sections, ? Look and Find? pictures, and much more. This is the perfect book to take along to any seashore expedition.